CLUE 1  MONDAY, January 28, 2013

I was born in Temple, Texas before going to college to play football.  My play was so outstanding that my college actually adopted a nickname that used my last name.  Following college I was drafted and became part of the famous “Steel Curtain” defense for my pro football team.  My team dominated pro football during my career, but my thumb was the only digit without a ring.  I am also remembered for generously giving a young lad my jersey. Who says I was mean?   Who am I?  Joe Greene. 

CLUE 2  TUESDAY, January 29, 2013

Born in Ontario, Canada, I turned pro playing in Toronto and helped my teams win two championships.  After my playing days I turned to coaching.  I won three championships as coach and four more as general manager becoming the only person in my sport to win championships as a player, a coach, and as a general manager.  My job as coach and general manager covered over 30 years with the same team, but I never had a signed contract with the team.  Later I laid the foundation for a minor league as its first president.
Who am I?  Jack Adams

CLUE 3  WEDNESDAY, January 30, 2013

Growing up in California I was a star on my high school team and transitioned to be the star on my college team which had a famous coach.  I was definitely the big man on campus, but I insisted I was not a 7-footer.  Beginning in high school my teams never lost a game for almost 5 years. Upon graduation I was drafted number one, but injuries cost me my first two years in the pros.  My third year was the charm as my team blazed its way to the league championship, and I was named the MVP of the finals.  Who am I?  Bill Walton

CLUE 4  THURSDAY, January 31, 2013

I am proud to be a man of color.  My home state was in the South, but I was raised in the North.  I went to college in my adopted state.  My college has a colorful mascot.  While there I excelled in several sports.  After college I was a star in two different entertainment fields.  One of my employers even has a name similar to mine.  Although I have had my own run-ins with the law, much of my time is now spent helping keep kids out of gangs.  In my day I was the best, now most of my records are broken.  Who am I?  Jim Brown

CLUE 5  FRIDAY, February 1, 2013

I was born in Marshall, but raised in Houston.  I dropped out of school at 15, and fighting was how I made my name, but now I am really cooking.  I found gold in Mexico and then became the world champion by smokin’ Joe.  I eventually lost my title when I was stung by a “bee”.  Twenty years later I became the champion once moorer.  Now retired, I am eating right and cutting the fat with my personal grill which has made me millions.  I am also allowed to perform marriage ceremonies, and you can call me reverend.  Who am I? George Foreman



The Mardi Gras Treasure Hunt is open to the public, but the previous year’s winner of the treasure hunt is not eligible to win this year.  The Treasure Hunt certificate is hidden on public property and is NOT inside a building.  No digging or climbing is necessary to find the certificate.  Follow the instructions on the certificate to claim the treasure.  You will be looking for an orange colored certificate that is laminated.  The treasured certificate could be hidden in the cities of Orange, Pinehurst or West Orange. Clues will be read every half hour on KOGT Radio 5:30am to 1:30pm and clues will be posted here beginning at 6am every morning.  Each clue leads you in a direction to the prize.  But each clue also has a hint of where the prized certificate is located.  Find it and $500 is yours!