2011 All-KOGT Football Team

QB - Matt Menard
RB - Britton Lindsey WOS RB - Hunter Clark
RB - Ty Johnson
WR - Larry Sonnier
WR - Tyler Roberts
WR - Jordan Harmon
WR - Cameron Dishon, BC
OL - Bryson Banks
OL - Sterling Deslatte
OL - Ryan LeBouef
OL - Jerquis Beasley
OL - Grant Kimbrough
PK- Trent Manuel
Returner - Quinton Tezeno, WOS


DL - Cameron Coulter, BC DL - Lawrence Gilmore, WOS DL - Jake Best
DL - Dillon Trahan
DL - Hayden Reed, LCM DL - Ian Jenkins, WOS
LB - Joe Lynch, WOS LB - Zach Cole, BC LB - Daniel Woodson, WOS LB - Preston Armstrong, LCM LB - Dustin Selman, OF
CB - DeCarlos Renfro, WOS CB - Mitchell Hubbard, BC CB - Shea Richards, LCM CB - Eric Truncale, OF CB - Colin Janice, WOS
Kicker - Jerquis Beasley, WOS Punter - J'Marcus Rhodes, WOS


            The 2011 Edition of the All-KOGT Football Team has been announced and it’s our goal to reward the best of the teams we cover.  We try not to water it down like some of the teams have become but that also means that a few players we wished we could’ve put on our list get left off.

            We didn’t get to do a Vidor game this season but we are rewarding Coach Jeff Mathews with our Coach of the Year Award.  From Texas Football Magazine to KOGT, no one predicted the Vidor Pirates to make the splash that they did in 2011.

            That included even making the playoffs.  But not only did they make the playoffs, they reached the third round.  And Mathews did a great job rallying his team after the loss of teammate Matt Thomas, who was found dead October 16.

            Now on to the All-KOGT Offense…

            BC QB Matt Menard was predicted to have a senior season and he didn’t disappoint with more than 1000 yards rushing and passing.  His selection was the easiest one that we had.  Menards athletic ability and leadership has put him on a rare list that I keep of young men that are exceptional on the field and off.

            Our three running backs weren’t necessarily on our preseason list after 2010 for various reasons.  Britton Lindsey of WOS was often injured last season so we weren’t sure how much he would contribute.  Even though he still had some minor injuries, he lead the area in rushing and did some of his best work in the playoffs.

            Hunter Clark was a workhorse for the Cardinals.  He took a lot of snaps away from Menard to keep him fresh and Clark produced with 10 touchdowns.

            Because Orangefield doesn’t feature “A” running back, but instead running backs, you wouldn’t expect to see a Bobcat on our list but Ty Johnson’s 10 yard per carry average gets him on the team.

            Our receivers start with Larry Sonnier of WOS.  Whenever the Mustangs decided to throw to him, he came up big time and again, making some of the most incredible catches we’ve seen all season.

            The same could be said for BC’s Tyler Roberts, who did get a lot of looks, leading the area with 35 catches.

            Cameron Dishon of BC was the big play receiver that he was asked to be, averaging 21 yards per catch.

            Jordan Harmon of LCM only had 25 receptions but he rarely dropped any in his direction and averaged 15 yards per catch.

            Our kick and punt returner is Quinton Tezeno of WOS who just about beat BC by himself with two returns for TD’s. The best thing about Trent Manuel of LCM being our field goal kicker is that he has a couple of more years with the Bears.


            Defensively Daniel Woodson’s excellent season almost didn’t happen.  A knee injury in the Vidor scrimmage had WOS coaches thinking he was done for the year.

            But he came back like he had never left with an outstanding season and when he duplicates it next year he will join the prestigious list of outstanding LB’s that have come from WOS.

            Finishing a close second in our defensive MVP voting was Cameron Coulter of BC.  Time and time again when we would broadcast Cardinal games the saying was, “once again, Coulter on the tackle!”  And if it wasn’t Coulter it was Dillon Trahan and Zach Cole.

            Mitchell Hubbard was the head hunter of the BC defense, taking several players out of action with big hits.

            I can only believe that the Bears poor finish in 20-4A is what kept Hayden Reed off the coaches first team.  LCM opponents practiced all week staying away from Reed yet he still was in on more tackles than not.

            His teammate Preston Armstrong was supposed to be more of an offensive threat but the lack of a passing game allowed Armstrong to play more defense and he excelled. 

            Orangefield is known for their offense but this season their defense made opponents pay attention thanks to Jake Best, Dustin Selman and Eric Truncale.

            The Chain Gang defense wasn’t all Woodson of course.  Lawrence “Happy” Gilmore and Joe “You’re a mean one, Mr.” Lynch were all over the field while Ian Jenkins  and Colin Janice were huge run stoppers.  And when healthy, teams stayed away from DeCarlos Renfro.

            Like Manuel, Jerquis Beasley of WOS will be back next season to boom kickoffs to the back of the end zone and to help block for the next Mustang to star in the backfield.

            Congrats to all the men who made this year’s team.