Photographic postcard of the cantilever bridge crossing the Neches River in Southeast Texas. It connects Port Arthur with Bridge City in Orange County. It is the highest bridge in Texas and is now known as the Rainbow Bridge. The card was mailed Dec 10, 1950 from Orange, Texas.

Photograph of Fifth and Main Street location in Orange, Texas in 1895. Main was only a bayou crossed by the Fifth Street bridge. TheFirst Baptist Church is under construction in the background. Wooden fences surround nearby homes.

Photograph of an Orange, Texas residence after a snowfall. The residence is two-stories tall and has a porch and a balcony with vines on it. There is a wooden gazebo in
 the foreground. A man and a woman wearing coats and hats are standing on the left side of the frame. In the background are tall trees.


Mother Hubbards: Baseball men in women's clothing. Photo taken in 1907: Bellevue, Texas.


Photograph of many oil wells west of Orange, Texas, in an area later named Orangefield.

Sepia photograph picturing a lynching in the "hanging tree" at
Fifth and Front Street in Orange, Texas in 1888. Across the street is a saloon. Many spectators are watching, including children. A steam engine is standing by in the background

Photograph of a hanging on Front Street in Orange, Texas. On the left side of the frame is a tree next to a storefront from which a man is hanging from one of the limbs. On the ground are several men and boys, some in hats and vests. Across the street are more buildings and a boardwalk with a sign that reads, "Saloon". On the right side of the frame is a train and railroad tracks that lead into the foreground. Typed across the top of the photograph is, "Hanging on Front about turn of century either fourth or fifth."

Photograph of the Sabine River in Orange, Texas. On the banks of the river are large buildings, trees, fences and in the background are three smokestacks. In the top left hand corner are the letters, "LUB."
Note: Written on the back of the photograph is, "around 1900 Sabine River waterfront".

Photograph of a group of men and women attending the opening of the Sabine Power Plant in Bridge City, Texas-1960

Photograph of a view of Main Street in Orange, Texas during a flood in 1916. There are people standing in the knee-deep water. Tall telephone poles, houses and trees line the road. A sign is in the foreground on the left side of the frame. "Main St." is written and faded on the right side.
(So Ike was NOT a 100 year flood!)

Photograph of an early flood at Second Street near Green Avenue. There is a man crossing the flooded street with stilts. There are houses on either side of the street.-Date Unknown

Photograph of a fleet berthing facility near Orange, Texas. There is a large pier with several large boats on top and behind it. In the center of the peer is a large tower with cables. In the background is a tree-covered hill and in the foreground is a stretch of water. Typed across the bottom right hand corner is, "Brown and Root Inc. Contract NOy 13243, Fleet Berthing Facilities, Orange/Texas, View of Pier 1 From Pier 2, 8/2/46, NO 64".

  Photograph of an Armistice Day Parade in Orange, Texas. There is a large crowd holding a large American flag. In the bottom right hand corner is a tin roof and on the left hand side is a building under construction and a telephone pole. Written across the top is, "Nov. 11th 1918 Orange Tex".

Photograph of eleven baseball players in baseball uniforms and baseball gloves. Two other men are standing with them, one in pinstripe pants, hat, and necktie and the other wears a pocket watch, hat and is holding a cigar. In the background is a fence and bleachers upon which a woman and two boys sit.

Photograph of automobiles traveling on the Orange - Calcasieu Memorial Bridge across the Sabine River in Orange, Texas. The bridge was opened on November 11, 1927.

Photograph of Toale Well Number 1 belonging to the Orange Petroleum Company in Orange, Texas. Photograph was taken April 29, 1921.


Aerial photograph of the mothball, or reserve, fleet docked in Orange, Texas.

Photographic postcard picturing the entrance to the DuPont Sabine River Works, a power and chemical plant in Orange, Texas. Outside the entrance is a tall flag pole and a landscaped parking area full of automobiles. -1950

Photograph of an oil field. Handwritten on the back of the photograph is, "Orangefield Oilfield 5/31/27."

Photograph of a group of seven men with a team of two horses moving a large two story house in Orange, Texas.

Photograph of an evening Christmas celebration in Orange. There is a large number of people walking in the street and the street lamps are decorated with garland.

Photograph of a wooden bridge near Orangefield, Texas. The bridge is probably crossing Cow Bayou. Oil derricks stand along the shore.

Photograph of the Orange Jail in 1888. It is a small building on the river's edge. -1888

Photograph of the Orange High School track team.

Note: Information on back of photo:
Left to Right
1. Carl Cottle
2. J.V Tinnin
3. Herbert Massey
4. Johnson
5. Grady Watson
6. Leon Skeeler
7. Claude Myers
8. H.O. Metcalfe


Photograph of the 1st Orange High School football team. Picture was taken on October 15, 1909.

Photograph of the employees of First National Bank of Orange, Texas. Some of the people include: Row 1, L-R: #5 June Hubbard; Row 2, L-R: #8 Mary Broussard, #10 Elise Ritter, #11 J.O. Sims; Row 3, L-R: #13 Travis Jarvis; Row 4, L-R:#3 Thom Hudson, #5 Herbert Journey, #10 Johnelle Peveto Armstrong.

Postcard, 8 Acres oranges-Rain Belt of TX. Orange trees.

Photograph of the Senior Class of 1932 -1933 at Orange High School in Orange, Texas. The students wear their caps & gowns before a backdrop of a wooded landscape.

Photograph of a dugout home in Orangefield. There is a stick holding up part of the dugout and there is a tall structure in the background.

Photograph of a boat and raft on the Cow Bayou. There is a barrel on the raft and a barrel in the water.





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