March 6, 2012

On Thursday, March 1st 2012 I received a letter of resignation from Mr. Philip Welch, Superintendent of OISD. 

The OISD School Board will meet this afternoon for a special meeting that was posted and made public last Friday, March 2nd 2012 to act on the resignation of Mr. Welch and to consider and act on appointment of an interim Superintendent.

Mr. Welch has conveyed to all of his OISD family in an e-mail the following:

“Tuesday, there will be a board meeting at which time, I will submit my resignation.  I have thought about this quite a bit, and truly believe it is the best thing for OISD at this time.  I am eligible to retire, which sounds pretty good.  Given the timing, and with so much of the Spring spent planning for the upcoming school year, I will no longer be involved in the day to day operations of the district.

 As I look back on the 20+ years with OISD, I am most appreciative of everyone’s support and what has been accomplished.  The five years as superintendent we have experienced several once-in a career events.  Again, I thank each of you for your efforts in working with the students of OISD.  I wish you the best for the remainder of the school year and in the years to come.  And as always, if I can be of assistance to you in any manner, please let me know.”

Mr. Welch has contributed 26 years of countless hours to OISD.  He has been instrumental in acquiring grants for our schools, acquiring land for future growth, completing the bond projects, bringing salaries for all employees to a more competitive level, adding a new life skills building at the High School, advancing our Ag Department and major technology improvements across the entire district.

I believe the most memorable and honorable accomplishment that Mr. Welch completed during his tenure as Superintendent of OISD was helping our district and our neighboring district BCISD in the recovery process Hurricane Ike.  The leadership that he displayed to our staff and our kids will never be forgotten.  There were many valuable life lessons taught during that time outside of the classroom.

I support and respect Mr. Welch in his decision and wish him nothing but days full of relaxation without the worries of the day-to-day operations of OISD!


Nancy Ashworth

OISD Board President