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Orangefield Bobcats 2013-2014

Boys Basketball Schedule



2014-15 Lady Bobcat Basketball


 4       Tuesday       Jasper Scrimmage                        Jasper                    9, JV, V     4:30p    

11     Tuesday       Monsignor Kelly Catholic HS          Beaumont                  JV, V     5:00p

13     Thursday      HF Tournament                             HF                           9, JV       TBA

14     Friday            HF Tournament                           HF                           9, JV       TBA

15     Saturday       HF Tournament                            HF                           9, JV       TBA

18     Tuesday        Beaumont Westbrook                   HOME                     9, JV, V   4:00p

20     Thursday      Nederland Tournament                   Nederland              9, JV, V     TBA

21     Friday           Nederland Tournament                  Nederland              9, JV, V     TBA

22     Saturday       Nederland Tournament                  Nederland              9, JV, V     TBA


2       Tuesday        Vidor                                           HOME                     9, JV, V    4:30p

5       Friday            Monsignor Kelly Catholic HS        HOME                         JV, V    5:30p

9       Tuesday        Port Neches-Groves                     Port Neches          9, JV, V       4:30p

11     Thursday      Silsbee Tournament                      Silsbee                             V     TBA

12     Friday           Silsbee Tournament                     Silsbee                              V    TBA

13     Saturday       Silsbee Tournament                     Silsbee                           . V      TBA

16     Tuesday     * Bridge City                                  HOME                     9, JV, V      4:30p

19     Friday         * Little Cypress-Mauriceville            Lttle Cypress        9, JV, V        4:30p

29     Monday        Kirbyville Tournament                       Kirbyville                         V        TBA

30     Tuesday        Kirbyville Tournament                  Kirbyville                         V        TBA



2       Friday         *  Silsbee                                    HOME                     9, JV, V      4:30p

6       Tuesday     * Hardin-Jefferson                          Sour Lake              9, JV, V        4:30p

9       Friday         *  West Orange-Stark                   HOME                     9, JV, V      4:30p

13     Tuesday        BYE

16     Friday         *  Hamshire-Fannett                     Fannett                  9, JV, V        4:30p

20     Tuesday     *  Bridge City                                Bridge City             9, JV, V        4:30p

23     Friday        * Little Cypress-Mauriceville            HOME                     9, JV, V      4:30p

27     Tuesday      * Silsbee                                      Silsbee                   9, JV, V       4:30p

30     Friday        * Hardin-Jefferson                           HOME                     9, JV, V      4:30p


3       Tuesday     * West Orange-Stark                     West Orange        9, JV, V          4:30p

6       Friday         BYE

10     Tuesday   **  Hamshire-Fannett                       HOME                     9, JV, V       4:30p

                                      *Denotes District Games                        **Denotes Senior Night



Head Coach:              Brian Ousley                         Principal:                Dr. Ben Petty

Assistant Coaches:  Kayla Gallardo & Allie Beach    Superintendent:   Dr. Stephen Patterson          

Athletic Trainer:      Blake Bledsoe                           Athletic Director:    Josh Smalley

strict 24-AAAA





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