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Orangefield Vaulting domination in the 3A division.
"Joe Hester created a pole vaulting dynasty at Orangefield sending at least one vaulter to the state meet from 1989-99 and bringing home 9 state championships. Hester left the Bobcats after the 2000 school year."

1964-3rd Royce Franks, Orangefield 13' 6" (State)
1989-1st Wayne Guidry, Orangefield 15' 3"
         3rd Darrell Quebideaux, Orangefield 15' 0"
1990-1st Wayne Guidry, Orangefield 16' 1"
          2nd Todd McManus, Orangefield 15' 6"
1991-1st Wayne Guidry, Orangefield 16' 6"
1992-1st Wayne Guidry, Orangefield 16' 6"
Guidry jumped 17-2 to win district and was named an All-American
1993-1st Jacob Davis, Orangefield 15' 6"
1994-1st Jacob Davis, Orangefield 17' 0"  (All-American)
          Also set world record for 15 yr olds at district at 17-6
1995-1st Jacob Davis, Orangefield 17' 1/2" (All-American)
1996-*the year Jacob got hurt in warmup and didn't compete (All-Amer.)
1997-1st Eric Eshbach, Orangefield 15' 6"  (won or fewer misses)
2nd Josh Weigand, Orangefield 15' 6"
1998-2nd Jonathan Henley Orangefield 16' 
         3rd Eric Eshbach Orangefield 15' 9"  (All-Amer.)
1999-1st Eric Eshbach Orangefield 18' 2 1/4"  (WR for 18 yr olds)
         2nd Jonathan Henley Orangefield 17' 3"   (Both All-American)

Orangefield Pole Vaulters Continue
To Do Well After High School

March 2000- Texas' Jacob Davis won the Big 12 Indoor Title with a vault of 17'11" and thus becomes only the second Longhorn ever to win four straight league titles.

Nebraska Freshman Eric Eshbach came in fourth in the event at 17'3". But earlier this year he broke the school record with a vault of 18'1/2". His teammate and former Bobcat Jonathon Henley tied his personal record on Feb. 19 with a vault of 17'3".