West Orange-Stark Mustangs

School Board

Pete Amy
Nathaniel Colbert
Ruth Hancock
Eric Mitchell
Bryan Thomas Muhammad
Hardy O'Neal 
Sarah Jefferson Simon



Macy Rasmussen  '78
Macy Rasmussen  '78

Dee Dee Johnson  '82
Dee Dee Johnson  '82

Kentria Cole  '96
Kentria Cole  '96


Past WOS Homecoming Kings and Queens

1978- Macy Rasmussen
1979-Janice Hayes
1980- Kim McCaleb
1981- Rhonda Roy and Stephanie Knox
1982- Dee Dee Johnson
1983- Holli Hogan
1984- Debra Ware
1985- Stacey Freeman
1987- Leigh Bufkin
1989- Alisha Hebert
1990- Darby Breaux
1991- Crystal Lister
1992- Casey Griffin
1993- Franette Gans
1995- Seterria Hunter
1996- Kentria Cole
1997- April Enard
1998- Shamaya Teate
Homecoming King and Queen
1999- Ashley Milligan and Michael Thompson
2000- Ebony Hardin and Chad Barbre
2001- Emily McKee and Zach Madar
2002- Victoria Perry and Sean Bishop
2003- Lia Frederick and Kerry Franks
2004- LilBetty Hope and Rashid Dennis

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