West Orange-Stark Mustangs

School Board
Pete Amy
Harry Barclay
Eric Mitchell
Tony Dallas
Ricky Jacobs
Hardy ONeal



2014 Tennis Schedule


February (14) Ozen Invitational 9th / JV / V 8:00 AM

February (21) Nederland Invitational Varsity 8:00 AM

February (28) Orange County Varsity 8:00 AM

March (7) Vidor Varsity 8:00 AM

March (21) Vidor Varsity 8:00 AM

March (28) City of Beaumont 9th / JV / V 8:00 AM

TBA JV District 9th / JV TBA

TBA Varsity District Varsity TBA


Superintendent: Mr. James Colbert (409)882-5500

Principal: Mr. Rod Anderson (409) 882-5570

Athletic Director: Cornel Thompson (409) 882-5530

Head Coach: Michael Washburn (409) 882-5530

Trainer: Shannon Scott (409) 882-5607



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