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WOS Volleyball 2014
Aug. 8 Fri.   Ozen (Scrimmage)     Away 9:00am
Aug. 9 Sat.   Silsbee (Scrimmage)   Away 9:00am
Aug. 12 Tues.   Ozen       Home 4:30pm
Aug. 14/16 Thurs/Sat. Evadale Varsity Tournament   Away TBA
Aug. 15 Fri.   Memorial     Home 4:30pm
Aug. 19 Tues.   Vidor       Home 4:30pm
Aug. 21/23 Thurs/Sat. Buna Varsity Tournament   Away TBA
Aug. 22 Fri,   Hemphill       Away 5:00pm
Aug. 26 Tues.   Kountze       Away 4:30pm
Aug. 29 Fri.   Central       Home 4:30pm
Sept. 2 Tues.   Buna       Away 4:30pm
Sept. 5 Fri.   East Chambers     Home 4:30pm
Sept. 4/6 Thurs/Sat. YMBL (Varsity Tournament)   Away TBA
Sept. 9 Tues.   * LC-M       Away 4:30pm
Sept. 16 Tues.   * Silsbee       Home 4:30pm
Sept. 19 Fri.   * Hardin-Jefferson     Away 4:30pm
Sept. 23 Tues.   BYE          
Sept. 26 Fri.   * Orangefield     Home 4:30pm
Sept. 30 Tues.   * Hamshire-Fannett     Away 4:30pm
Oct. 2/4 Thurs/Sat. Community Christain    Away TBA
Oct. 3 Fri.   * Bridge City     Home 4:30pm
Oct. 7 Tues.   * LC-M       Home 4:30pm
Oct. 10 Fri.   * Silsbee       Away 4:30pm
Oct. 14 Tues.   * Hardin-Jefferson     Home 4:30pm
Oct. 17 Fri.   *Orangefield     Away 4:30pm
Oct. 21 Tues.   BYE          
Oct. 24 Fri.    ** Hamshire-Fannett   Home 4:30pm
Oct. 28 Tues.   * Bridge City     Away  4:30pm
* District Games ** Senior Night          
Head Coach: Gwen Kelly- Hall   (409) 882-5599      
Assistant Coaches: Desiree' Boxie (409) 882-5520      




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