Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School named Mr. and Miss LCM, the 2012 Golden Bear, Medallion Winners and Star Students during the annual awards night, held at the High School on Tuesday, May 29. Scholarships were also announced. These totaled $1,724,360.

Bailey Gilbeaux received the Golden Bear award. This is a teacher-nominated position to pay tribute to a student, who throughout his or her high school career, has shown outstanding leadership and personal qualities that exemplify the best of what teachers and administrators want to see in LCM HS graduates.

Hayden Reed and Connor Hanks were selected as Mr. and Miss LCM. These students were selected from the other senior Star Students for 2011-12. Selection is by a committee of cross-curricular teachers who have been members of the LCM faculty for five or more years, and Mr. and Miss are chosen based on their accomplishments and resumes for their entire high school career.

Star Student Award winners are nominated and voted on by the entire LCM High School faculty. Star Students are those that excel in school and community activities while setting an example for others in the areas of leadership, academics, discipline, and attendance.

Seniors recognized as Star Students are:

         Preston Armstrong

         Payton Burns

         Kourtney Derouen

         Bailey Gilbeaux

         Conner Hanks

         Kyle Herfurth

         Grant Kimbrough

         Jordan Parker

         Hayden Reed

         Jonathan Schilz


Junior Star Students are:

         Caleb Bickham

         Zoe Casteel

         Becky Davis

         Nathan Howlett

         Kailey Rountree

         Alex Sezer

         Demi Sheppard

         Tara Thompson

         Casey Viator

         Christian Wendt


Sophomore Star Students include:

         Ivy Casteel

         Michael Chen

         Lawson Cox

         Patrick Herfurth

         Chelsea McLain

         Savanna Smith


Freshmen Star Students are:

         Sophie Braud

         McKenzie DiLeo

         Coby Roddy

         Triston Stringer

Medallion winners have the highest average in a particular subject. These include the following. Shelby Alford - Interior Design - junior; Jordan Babcock - Graphic Design & Illustration junior; Katherine Burns Chemistry and Spanish 2 sophomore; Payton Burns - US Government senior; Ginny Ann Byerly - Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness senior; Ivy Casteel - English 2 sophomore; Steven Cerkiewicz - Audio / Video Production senior; Jesse Chwaliszewski - Spanish 1 sophomore; Pablo Cisneros - Accounting 2 junior; Baylie Comeaux - Anatomy & Physiology and Art 2 senior; Angel Cross - Culinary Arts junior; Taylor Dempsey - Small Animal tenth; Courtney Derouen - Dual Credit Biology senior; Brandon Dockens Welding senior; Emily Dodd - Theatre Productions senior; Teri Duhon - Cosmetology 2 senior; Katelyn Dyer - Touch Systems Data Entry freshman; Chloe Fisher - Art 1, Geometry, and World Geography freshman; Alex Fontenot - Wildlife Management junior; Drew Fredrick - Technical Theatre senior; Heather Garber Cosmetology junior; Raven Guillory - Principles of Human Services sophomore; Jessica Hanson - Accounting 1 junior; Nathan Howlett - Landscape Design junior; Erica Hsu - Spanish 4 senior; Alicia Hubbard - Advanced Quantitative Reasoning and Debate senior; Ashleigh Jones - Medical Terminology senior; Karli Kyzar - Earth & Space Science senior; Sean Laughlin - Dual Credit Chemistry, Physics, and pre-calculus junior; Madison Laurence - Web Technologies senior; Sierra Locke Pharmacy and Statistics senior; Diane Maldonado - Child Development tenth; Kevin McGee - Art 4 and Bear Broadcasting senior; Kent Morris - Principles of AV Tech and US History junior; Shrikara Murthy Biology freshman; Casey Myers - French 3 senior; Alidia Norton - Algebra 1 ninth; Jordan Parker - Dollars & Sense senior; Cyrena Peterson Calculus senior; Jasmine Ruiz - Art 3 senior: Tanner Sanders - Principles of Agriculture freshman; Alex Sezer - English 3 and Spanish 3 junior; Alex Sezer - Spanish 3 junior; Savannah Sheppard Forestry sophomore;  Abigail Smith - Principles of Health Science junior; Savannah Smith - Pre AP Algebra 2 and World History sophomore; Sarah St. John - Fashion Design junior; Triston  Stringer - Theatre Arts freshman; Shelby Switzer - Environmental Systems senior; Peyton Taylor - English 4 senior; Emily Turner - Floral Design sophomore; Erin Tutt - Education, Training & Practicum senior; and Craig Wittenburg - Livestock Projection junior.

Organization Recipient Amount
American Association of University Women Sierra Locke $1,000.00
Augustana College Dean's Sierra Thierry $16,000.00
Augustana College Music Sierra Thierry $64,000.00
Barry University Award Kaley Lemoine $66,000.00
Barry University Award Payton Burns $66,000.00
Beaumont Firefighters #399 Haley Matthews $500.00
ChaCha Holsomback Memorial Chelsea Rash $500.00
Charles Burks Memorial Ashleigh Jones $300.00
Dallas Christian College Brittany Cates $2,000.00
David Self Ford FFA Ashley McConnell $1,000.00
Education First Federal Credit Union Conner Hanks $750.00
Five Point Credit Union Sierra Locke $1,000.00
Five Point Credit Union Conner Hanks $1,000.00
Fort Bend County American Legion Auxiliary Juniors Unit 271 Ashley McConnell $725.00
Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce Bailey Gilbeaux $250.00
Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce Conner Hanks $250.00
Highest Ranking Graduate Tuition Exemption Payton Burns $11,000.00
Key Club Mel Cowart Payton Burns $1,500.00
Kiwanis Conner Hanks $500.00
Kiwanis Q.B. Culpepper Leadership Payton Burns $500.00
Knights of Columbus Jordan Parker $250.00
Lamar State College Port Arthur Drama Breanne Willey $500.00
Lamar State College Port Arthur Drama Aaron Alford $1,500.00
Lamar State College Port Arthur Drama Bailey Gilbeaux $1,250.00
Lamar State College Port Arthur Drama Andrew Borel $1,000.00
Lamar State College Port Arthur Drama Drew Frederick $500.00
Lamar State College Port Arthur Drama Jasmine Ruiz $500.00
Lamar State College Port Arthur Drama Aaron Cordeau $500.00
Lamar State College Port Arthur Drama Emily Dodd $1,000.00
Lamar State College Port Arthur Drama Paul Daleo $1,250.00
Lamar State College Port Arthur Drama Jessica Hyder $500.00
Lamar State College Port Arthur Drama Gates Adams $500.00
Lamar State College Presidential Jenna Procella $2,000.00
Lamar State College Student Services Freshman Ashley Eby $1,000.00
Lamar State College Womack Brittany Cates $1,000.00
Lamar State College Womack Felicia Martin $1,000.00
Lamar University Academic Dean Kevin McGee $16,000.00
Lamar University Mirabeau Casey Meyers $64,000.00
Lamar University Mirabeau Payton Burns $64,000.00
Lamar University Mirabeau Finalist Madison Laurence $36,000.00
LCJH Inez Shipp National Junior Honor Society Cyrena Peterson $500.00
LCJH Inez Shipp National Junior Honor Society Mallarie Hearn $500.00
LCM Athletic Booster Club Conner Hanks $750.00
LCM Athletic Booster Club Mallarie Hearne $750.00
LCM Athletic Booster Club Preston Armstrong $750.00
LCM Athletic Booster Club Kyle Herfurth $750.00
LCM Athletic Booster Club Grant Kimbrough $750.00
LCM Athletic Booster Club Jonathan Schilz $750.00
LCM Athletic Booster Club Courtney Derouen $750.00
LCM Band Booster Aimee Lege $125.00
LCM Band Booster Sierra Thierry $125.00
LCM Band Booster Sarah Thomas $125.00
LCM Band Booster Andrew Borel $125.00
LCM Band Booster Steven Cerkiewicz $125.00
LCM Band Booster Dmitri LaCour $125.00
LCM Band Booster Lena Perry $125.00
LCM Band Booster Sarah Michaelis $125.00
LCM Classroom Teacher Association Steven Cerkiewicz $500.00
LCM Classroom Teachers Association Felicia Martin $500.00
LCM Classroom Teachers Association Sarah Michaelis $500.00
LCM Classroom Teachers Association Emaley Torbert $500.00
LCM Classroom Teachers Association Erin Tutt $500.00
LCM Food Services Sierra Locke $300.00
LCM Food Services Kaley Lemoine $300.00
LCM Food Services Anthony Peveto $300.00
LCM Honey Bear Ashley Benson $200.00
LCM Honey Bear Bailey Gilbeaux $200.00
Linebarger Law Firm Steven Cerkiewicz $500.00
Little Cypress Baptist Church Harold W. Mills Memorial Kevin McGee $650.00
Little Cypress Junior High PTO Conner Hanks $250.00
Little Cypress Lions Club Joe Parkhust Paul Daleo $500.00
Little Cypress Lions Club Leonard Gallien Kelsey Wesolowski $750.00
Little Cypress Lions Club Leonard Gallien Camrie Helm $750.00
Little Cypress Lions Club W.E. Martin Payton Burns $1,000.00
Louisiana State University Tiger Excellence Award Sierra Locke $20,000.00
Madison Masonic Lodge #126 Paul Daleo $1,000.00
Madison Masonic Lodge #126 Grant Kimbrough $1,000.00
Mauriceville Elementary PTO Casey Myers $500.00
Mauriceville Elementary PTO Paul Daleo $500.00
Mauriceville Elementary PTO Sierra Locke $500.00
Mauriceville Elementary PTO Dmitri LaCour $500.00
Mauriceville Middle School PTO Paul Daleo $500.00
Mauriceville Middle School PTO Emily Dodd $500.00
McNeese  State University Music Lena Perry $8,400.00
McNeese State University Academic Sarah Thomas $1,850.00
McNeese State University Academic Bailey Gilbeaux $1,850.00
McNeese State University Access Award Jaren Braud $4,400.00
McNeese State University Band Performance Service Award Jaren Braud $1,200.00
McNeese State University Collegiate Award Jaren Braud $500.00
McNeese State University Music Jaren Braud $2,000.00
McNeese State University Music Sarah Thomas $8,400.00
MCT Credit Union Camrie Helm $1,000.00
MOSAIC Diversity Scholarship from Lanxess Corporation Hayley Robinson $1,000.00
MOSAIC Diversity Scholarship from Lanxess Corporation Lyndsey Windham $1,000.00
Neches Federal Credit Union Conner Hanks $1,000.00
Orange County Board of Realtors Darian Buchanan $1,000.00
Orange County Board of Realtors Kelsey Wesolowski $1,000.00
Orange County Sheriff Posse Lyndsey Windham $500.00
Orange County Texas A&M Mother's Club Jordan Parker $800.00
Orange County Texas A&M Mother's Club Cyrena Peterson $800.00
Orange County Texas A&M University Mother's Club Faynelle Mullhollan Memorial Payton Burns $1,000.00
Orange County Texas Exes James & Charlotte Payton Burns $4,185.00
Orange Lions Club Camrie Helm $1,500.00
Orange Rotary Sierra Locke $1,000.00
Orange Rotary Madison Laurence $500.00
Orange Rotary Kyle Herfurth $500.00
Orange Rotary Cyrena Peterson $500.00
Sabine Area Central Labor Council Ryan Adams $1,000.00
Sabine Federal Credit Union  Erik Tutt $500.00
Sabine Federal Credit Union  Sierra Locke $500.00
San Jacinto College Aaron Alford $4,000.00
San Jacinto College Volleyball Megan Kemp $7,000.00
Sons & Daughters TPC Group Inc Conner Hanks 2,000.00
Southern Nazarene University Academic Hannah East $9,000.00
Southern Nazarene University Academic Aimee Lege $9,000.00
Southern Nazarene University Freshman Internship Hannah East $3,500.00
Southern Nazarene University Music Aimee Lege $5,000.00
Stark Reading Contest Payton Burns $7,000.00
Texas A & M Sierra Locke $4,500.00
Texas A & M University Lechner Scholarship & Opportunity Award Payton Burns $12,000.00
Texas Association of Student Councils Conner Hanks 2,000.00
Texas Association of Student Councils Conner Hanks 500.00
Texas Exes ESI/Suder Family Payton Burns $18,000.00
Texas State University Achievement Stephen Gilbeaux $16,000.00
Texas Tech University Presidential Erica Hsu $8,000.00
The Brett Bird Memorial Brooke Brasseaux $500.00
The Katheran Ann Brady-Heallen Memorial Payton Burns $500.00
The P.E.O. Sisterhood STAR Student Conner Hanks $2,500.00
The Service League of Orange Haley Matthews $1,000.00
Tri-City Corvette Club Sierra Locke $2,000.00
U.S. Air Force Sean Shehane $130,000.00
U.S. Air Force Hayley Robinson $130,000.00
U.S. Air Force Jordan Dobranski $130,000.00
U.S. Army Candace Calhoun $72,000.00
U.S. Army Isiah Zavala $72,000.00
U.S. Army Nathan Poulin $72,000.00
U.S. Navy Ian Patsfield $150,000.00
U.S. Navy Trevor Hulsey $150,000.00
University of Alabama Athletic Scholarship Hayden Reed $44,000.00
University of Alabama Presidential Award Hayden Reed $88,000.00
University of Houston Academic & Athletic Brooke Brasseaux $32,000.00
University of Texas Kaley Lemoine $2,000.00
University of Texas Dmitri LaCour $20,000.00
USMC Staff Sergeant Benjamin Williams Memorial Jaren Braud $500.00
VFW Post 2775 Memorial Megan Kemp $500.00