Five food establishments had perfect scores during health inspections for the first two weeks of February. Orange County Health Inspector James Scales reports that Chicken Express at 2250 Texas Ave. in Bridge City had a 100, along with the Whataburger, 7241 Interstate 10 near Highway 62, Dollar General Store on FM 105 in Orangefield;  Petrotex Fuels/Shell Food, 115 E. Freeway, Vidor, and the Walgreen's at 1408 16th St. in Orange. Some of the stores or restaurants did not have their 2013 food service license. They received demerits but Scales gave them time to get the new certificate.

Spindletop Restaurant, 1480 W. Freeway Blvd. in Vidor, had the lowest score with 82. Scales cited the restaurant for not dating all the foods in the cooler and freezer. He also found several tomatoes with mold on the outside. Gnats were found in the food prep area. The establishment also needed a new permit.

Other inspections from Feb. 1-Feb 15 were:

California Corn Dog Stand, 795 Texas Ave., Bridge City: 94--Needs to have an air filter covered and renew permit.

Gateway Travel Plaza, 1480 W. Freeway Blvd., Vidor: 89--names and addresses needed on bags of ice, 41 expired foods pulled from shelves, needs to renew permit.

Paul's Seafood Connection, 7226 Hwy. 12, Vidor: 93--Found defrosting fish inside a compartment sink. Needs to renew permit.

Zuniga's Mexican Food, 1925 Texas Ave, Bridge City: 93--Hair restraints needed along with a new permit.

Guadalajara, 137 Strickland Drive, Orange: 84--Beans cooling in buckets on counters; rice, beans and fajita meat out of temperature; vents about fryers and grill need to be cleaned. Owner said vents will be replaced. Need to renew permit.

The Shrimp Boat, 18606 Hwy. 62, Orange: 97--needs new permit.

Ramada Inn, 2610 Interstate 10 West, Orange: 94--No sanitizer for dishes and food contact surfaces. Needs new permit.

The Donut Hole, 6377 FM 1442, Orangefield: 92--Found sausage out of temperature. Needs new permit.

John's Seafood, 1410 10th St., Orange: 86--Need to date and label all foods in coolers. Chicken and shrimp were found defrosting on bottom of storage shelves. Needs to cover all foods in coolers. Needs to clean vents above fryers. Needs to get new permit.

Two Amigo's Mexican Restaurant, 3130 16th St., Orange: 92--Cooling rice on top of counters. Needs new permit.

Family Dollar, 1301 16th St., Orange: 96--pulled several expired foods from shelves.

Happy Donuts, 495 S. Main St., Vidor: 91--Need to date and label foods in coolers. Sausage, eggs and boudain out of correct temperature.

Country Corner, 1810 S. Main St., Vidor: 89--Names and addresses needed on bags of ice. Pulled about 30 expired foods from shelves. Ice scoop found on top of a box in the ice machine.

McDonald’s, 765 N. Main St., Vidor: 86—Employee drinks found without lid and straw. Container of lettuce left uncovered on shelves in cooler. Chemicals stores about salad containers. Mold found on drink dispensers. Old foods found on dishes that had been cleaned.

Fast Stop Food Store, 2410 Texas Ave., Bridge City: 96—Pulled 68 expired foods from shelves. Store storing bait shrimp next to foods.

Tequila’s Mexican Restaurant, 1085 Texas Ave., Bridge City: 91—Needs to label and date all foods in coolers and freezers. Cooling chicken, rice and beans on top of counter.