Eight of 20 food vendors and restaurants inspected during the first part of July received perfect scores from Orange County Health Inspector James Scales. The perfect scores went to Baptist Hospital Orange, Whataburger on South Main Street in Vidor, Kirk's on 62, 10817 Highway 62 South in Orange, On Your Way Too, 110 South Main Street in Vidor, Shave Ice Delight, 1613 16th Street in Orange, Wendy's, 2205 Highway 62 in McLewis, Ice Castle Concessions, 1350 North Main Street in Vidor, and Kimbo's Concessions, 8220 Quail Train Road in Orange.

The lowest score went to General Wok at 1803 16th Street in Orange for a variety of problems. The Market Basket Store and Deli in Bridge City also had some violations including dead mice found on sticky traps. Scores for July 1 through July 15 are:

Gonzales Food, Corner of Highways 62 and 105 in Orangefield: 97. The reach-in cooler was not keeping the proper temperature and needed repairs.

Whataburger, 1905 Texas Avenue in Bridge City: 97. Storages racks for the clean dishes were rusted and needed repairing.

Mutt and Jeff’s, 110 A South Main Street in Vidor: 96. Boxes of food were stored on the floor of the walk-in freezer.

Italiano's Pizza Pasta, 1845 Texas Avenue in Bridge City: 96. Chicken was stored above shredded cheese.

Laredo's Mexican Restaurant, 12181 Highway 62 North in Mauriceville: 96. Food inside the coolers needed to be labeled and dated.

Market Basket, 2005 Texas Avenue in Bridge City: 94. Dead mice were found on sticky traps in the back storage areas. Also the floors and shelves inside the milk cooler needed to be cleaned.

Waffle House, 115 East Freeway in Vidor: 93. Raw meat was store above the mile in the walk-in cooler and the racks in the cooler were beginning to rust.

Dairy Queen, 2426 16th Street in Orange: 93. Foods were found stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer. Freezers in the kitchen area needed to be cleaned of old foods and grease. The frozen cakes were found uncovered in the front lobby reach-in freezer.

Spanky's Bar and Grill, 1703 North 16th Street in Orange: 91. Coolers throughout the kitchen and the salad bar were not keeping proper temperatures. Management called for repairs during the inspection. Several flies were found. Area around the fryers and inside the coolers needed to be cleaned. Several broken floor tiles were found.

Lom’s Seafood, 2507 MacArthur Drive in Orange, 90: Foods inf the freezers were being stored in living quarters. Need to be moved inside the store. Also, product thermometers were needed in the coolers and freezers. Floor tiles were broken or missing and needed repairs.

Market Basket Deli, 2005 Texas Avenue in Bridge City: 88. Lettuce and a utensil were found inside the hand-washing sink. Several flies were found and a dead mouse was found on a sticky trap. Employee disposed of trap during inspection. Outside of storage containers needed to be cleaned along with the storage racks for donuts. Vents above the fryers needed to be cleaned of old grease.

General Wok No. 6, 1803 16th Street in Orange: 78. Eggrolls were not at proper temperature. Foods in the cooler and freezer needed to be labeled and dated. Foods were stored on the floor of the walk-in coolers and the front cooler did not have the proper temperature. The hand-washing station and the three-compartment sink were dripping. Water from the bottom pipes needed repairing and the area around the fryers and grill needed to be cleaned of old grease.