Orange County Health Inspector James Scales gave the following scores to restaurants during December:

Little Caesar’s Pizza, 866 N. Main St., Vidor:  93-- Hair restraints are needed. Outside of storage equipment and oven need to be cleaned of old foods.

Waffle House No. 1031, 115 East Freeway, Vidor: 94--Demerits for storing air filters above napkins. Heavy mold found inside ice machine. Paint beginning to come off floor inside walk-in cooler and needs repair. Storage racks inside reach-in coolers beginning to rust and need repair.

Mutt and Jeff’s, 110 A South Main St., Vidor: 100—Everything passed inspection.

Kotoyama, 2226 MacArthur Drive, Orange: 64—Employee drinks in cooler. Foods in cooler need to be labeled and dated. Bowls of lettuce stacked on top of each other. Rice cookers sitting on floor. Defrosting fish and shrimp in sink. Defrosting fish in the hand-washing sink. Soap and towels needed at hand washing station. For the follow-up check: Several roaches were found throughout kitchen and restaurant was advised to call pest management. Pipes were found leaking under three compartment sinks. Mold found inside ice machine and an ice scoop was lying on top of the ice machine.

Gary’s Coffee Shop, 2045 Texas Ave., Bridge City: 96—Found a couple of tomatoes with mould. Manager pulled them out.

Ruby’s Country Cafe, 10930 Highway 12, Mauriceville: 94—Several roaches found in kitchen and storage containers. Equipment needs to be cleaned of old foods.

Pakco No. 1, 3031 Highway 12, Vidor: 85—Name and address are needed on all bags of ice sold. Back door needs to be resealed. Inspector pulled 72 expired foods from shelves. Slime was found inside of ice machine.

Wendy’s No. 50, 3113 Edgar Brown Drive, Orange: 97—Several gnats found in kitchen and prep areas. Noted that storage racks are beginning to rust and need repair.

Kim Wah Buffet, 150 Strickland Drive, Orange: 89—Storing pans were on top of ready-to-eat foods. Need to cover foods inside cooler. Several roaches found throughout kitchen.

Texas Country Store No. 10, 9508 Highway 12, Mauriceville: 86—Name and address are needed on all bags of ice sold. Pulled 182 expired foods from shelves. Several roaches found in storage are. Cappuccino machine and vegetable cutter need to be cleaned of old foods. Mold found on drink dispensers.

McDonalds No. 4110, 1710 N. 16th St., Orange: 97—Inside of coolers needs to be cleaned and sanitized. Mold was found on the drink dispensers.

Sonic Drive-In, 2250 Texas Ave., Bridge City: 94—Gaskets need to be repaired in the reach-in coolers. Area around toaster needs to be cleaned of old foods.

Whataburger No. 819, 1905 Texas Ave., Bridge City: 94—Floor drains are stopped up near the drive-thru. Store manager has notified the maintenance man, who was working on the drains that morning. Area around grill needs to be cleaned. Storage racks are beginning to rust and need repair.

Dollar Plus, 10050 N. Highway 87, Orange: 100—Hot water temperature was 103 degrees. Advised owner to have someone look at the hot water heater to bump the temperature up to the required 118 degrees.

Orange Child Enrichment C, 708 W. Park Ave., Orange: 100—No violations found.

Dairy Queen, 11785 N. Highway 62, Mauriceville: 100—Complained was filed that floors and restaurant were found to be dirty and that the employees were not wearing gloves. Talked to manager about the complaint. Found that the restaurant was not dirty. Surfaces clean. Closed complaint.