West Orange – Cove CISD recognized retiring staff and outstanding teachers at a banquet last night at the WO-C Educational Service Center. All of those in attendance at the celebration were present  to honor 20 retiring staff members, as well as campus Teachers of the Year.

“Each year we host a banquet to recognize and to celebrate those that have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to one of the noblest professions in our society. Each of these individuals acknowledged at our retirement banquet has championed the cause to better our society through the development of children. We celebrate them,” James Colbert, WOC superintendent, said.

Each campus principal recognized the contributions of respective staff members:

·         West Orange – Stark Elementary School:  Carolyn Beck, Susan Brown, Lori Broussard, Malinda Bryant, Cecilia Davis, Kathy Johnson, Bram Reed

·         West Orange – Stark Middle School:  Martha Cole, Yvonne Lenhard, Linda Smith

·         West Orange – Stark High School:  Gerald Brignac, Richard Brister, Bettie Curtis, Charlotte Tournear

·         North Early Learning Center:  Jimmie Lee Howard

·         West Orange – Stark Academic Alternative Center:  Gay Cormier

Additionally, department directors honored their retiring staff:

·         West Orange - Cove Food Serve:  LaNell Garza, Katie Wilkes

·         West Orange – Cove Maintenance:  Felix Gonzales, Jimmy Smith, and Doris Robinson

Each principal also presented awards to campus Teachers of the Year. They are Ola Conner, North Early Learning Center; Callie Orebo, WO-S Elementary; Yokishia Hope, WO-S Middle School; and Kurt Reeves, WO-S High School.

Callie Orebo, a WO-S Elementary School fifth grade teacher was presented the WOCCISD District Teacher of the Year Award.