Education Foundation presents
$26,000 in innovative teaching grants

January 27, 2012

The WOCCISD Education Foundation surprised over a dozen teachers at four different West Orange – Cove CISD campuses with grant awards for innovative teaching Friday, Jan. 27.

            A total of 13 grants were presented to teachers at North Early Learning Center, West Orange – Stark Elementary, West Orange – Stark Middle, and West Orange – Stark High Schools.

            “I am really thrilled that we are funding more than $26,000 in grants in only our second year of making the awards,” Krispen Walker Choate, WOCCISD Education Foundation president, said.             

The grants were funded by generous donations from the community and will allow teachers to expand educational opportunities.

The WOCCISD Education Foundation is a not for profit 501(c) 3 created in 2009.  

                Members of the Board of Directors of the WOCCISD Education Foundation are Krispen Walker Choate, president; Jane Pachar Stephenson, vice-president, Terese McKee, secretary; and Tommie Daniel, treasurer.

Grants Awards (Continued)

Additional Board Members are Margaret Adams, Doug Bready, Dr. Lois L. Bready, Jennifer Cowling-Burtsfield, Al Granger, Sam Kittrell, Stephen Lee, Charla McNamara, Liz Nash, Ricky Jacobs, James Colbert, Andrew Hayes, Dr. Silvia Martinez, and Lorraine Shannon.

Grant Awards:  North Early Learning Center (1)


Name of Teachers


Project/ Synopsis

1.      Rosemary Watters

(Head Start)



Leighia Barron, Beverly Simon, Sarah Landry



Get Moving, Turn It Up, It Starts with a Spark


This program encourages a variety of activities that use a child’s love of imagination, discovery and the love of music and movement to get active.


Grant Awards:  West Orange – Stark Elementary (9)

Name of Teachers


Project/ Synopsis

2.      Sandi Meche
(Second Grade)


Using Student Response System in the Second Grade Curriculum

The grant will upgrade the student response system in this classroom. It will tell the teacher what each student answered and diagnose specific errors the student is making in solving the problem.

3.      Stephania Anderson (Third Grade)



Camille Franklin, Kathy Jones, Marie Roux, Kristen Pircher


Integrating Gardening and Horticulture Education into the Elementary Curriculum

The grant will create a school garden in which students are actively engaged in the production of a tangible product:  vegetables, flowers and fruit. The cross-curriculum endeavor will encourage healthy eating, environmental protection and awareness, and improve science achievement.


Grant Awards:  West Orange – Stark Elementary (continued)

4.      Chris Jowers


Photography for Kids

The grant will develop the art of photography. It will fund the purchase of digital cameras, editing software, and culminate in a photography show. It will also fund entries in photography contests.

5.      Seana Sawyer



Mall  --  Mustangs Actively Learning Language

The grant will fund MALL. MALL is a program that is designed to develop language. Students will see and hear words in a listening center and then write the words in a writing center. The center will have a library of books, CDs, and storytelling props.

6.      Ann Taylor

(Fourth Grade)


Literacy Centers in 4th Grade Reading Classroom

The grant will facilitate materials for the creation and maintenance of literacy centers in the reading/ language arts classroom.  Items included are various curriculum including Geosafari Electronic Word Lab, Author’s Purpose Animal Adventures Game, digital cameras, an ELMO, an IMM Pad, and more.


Grant Awards:  West Orange – Stark Elementary (continued)

7.      Katie Kornegay

(Fifth Grade)



Amy Thompson, Kristen Pircher, and Nanette Trevino


Motivating Students to Enter Science, Technology, and Engineering and Mathematics Fields of Study through Hands On Experiences

This project proposes a multiple-event extension to the classroom through an extensive exploration of the STEM fields in the fifth grade, and hands-on activities and events in the third and fourth grades. The grant will fund a field trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and “Motion Commotion” which is group demonstration presented by the Museum. The Museum presentation will be on the WO-S Elementary campus and tailored for each grade level and support science TEKS.


Grant Awards:  West Orange – Stark Elementary (continued)

8.      Lori Broussard

(Fifth Grade)



Pearlie Gunn


Literacy Stations for Fifth Grade Reading Classrooms

The grant will facilitate the implementation of reading stations through the fifth grade by providing high-interest learning stations. The funds will purchase instructional games, scholastic magazines, Mindware Products, and IMM Pads.


9.      Jill Hart

(Fifth grade)



Katie Kornegay


Introduction of Live Animals into the Elementary Science Lab

The grant will fund a vertebrate library of living animals within a science lab at WO-S Elementary. Classroom pets will expose the child to a new component of science and teach responsibility. Components of the lab will include equipment, a guinea pig, a bearded dragon, tortoise, corn snake, and red-eared slider.


Grant Awards:  West Orange – Stark Elementary (continued)

10.  Megan Olds

(Fifth Grade)


Students Succeed by Interacting Using “Clickers”

The grant will fund the purchase of a classroom student response system. Students are enabled to not only give their answer to a question anonymously, but to view others’ answers which offers an opportunity for open student discussion.


Grant Awards:  West Orange – Stark Middle (1)

Name of Teachers


Project/ Synopsis

11.  Jobie Hill

(Math Teacher)








Mustangs Mastering Measurement II
Funded for the second consecutive year by a donation from TOTAL Petrochemicals

The students will calculate and budget the materials and cost of building four picnic tables and a raised flower bed with plants. Students will then work with volunteers to construct the items for their campus.


Grant Awards:  West Orange – Stark High (2)

Name of Teachers


Project/ Synopsis

12.  Brandy Bonnin


Exploring the World of Technical Theatre

The grant will fund the purchase of materials which will allow the students to gain valuable experience in technical theater which will include directing, stage make-up,  stage-combat, musical theatre, photography, and video-technique.

13.  Diztorsha Lavan


Bringing History to Life: An In-Depth Look at American History through Accredited Documentaries by Appraised Historians

This grant will fund the purchase of a reference book, DVD sets, study guides and more for “Biography of America,” and “America: The Story of US.”

2012 West Orange – Cove CISD Education Foundation grants totaled $26,544.

Dr. Lois Bready and her brother Doug Bready were present to help award the grants.  Their families established the Foundation in memory of their parents Eva and Gerald Bready.  Eva Bready was a beloved and innovative teacher in the WOCCISD School District who prepared a generation of students to excel in science and to make significant contributions to their communities.  Both Eva and Gerald Bready were passionate supporters of the importance of science and math education.