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A 38-year-old Little Cypress woman who was reported missing at 12:30 in the morning Wednesday notified police about 8:30 a.m. that she was at a friend's house. Orange Police Captain Keith Longlois said a network of people in the Little Cypress community helped locate her at the friend's house after her photograph and information was posted on KOGT's Facebook page. Police had called out tracking dogs and had a plane flying over the neighborhood looking for her. The family of Michelle Renee Haydel called police when she didn't return to her home in the 6300 block of Steeple Chasse Drive off FM 1130. She did not call family members, including her husband and children, to let them know where she was, Captain Longlois said. She had last been seen at 9:45 p.m. walking in the neighborhood. Captain Longlois said police quickly formed a search because the woman has medical conditions. In addition she "left her purse and cell phone home, something a person would normally take when they're going away," he said.

Former West Orange Cove Superintendent O. Taylor Collins passed away Tuesday in Kentucky from heart complications. Collins came to WOC in 2005 and was instrumental in the opening of the new WOS Elementary School. He returned to his home state of Kentucky in 2010 to become Executive Director of Red Bird Mission Christian Schools.

The City Administrator for the City of Pinehurst Joe Parkhurst handed the City Council his letter of resignation Tuesday night.  Parkhurst was obviously sad to give the notice, and said he wants some time to spend with his wife.  Parkhurst mentioned many of the students he taught when he was in education have retired and most of his friends have retired.  He would like to do different things including traveling with his wife.  Parkhurst concluded by adding this was the best job he ever had.  Parkhurst complimented the council members he had worked with over the years and the employees who work for Pinehurst.  Parkhurst stated, “These people out here are great to work with.  You couldn’t ask for a better council then I’ve had to work with there were no micro-managers they just are here to help the city and that’s been a pleasure.”  In his letter of resignation Parkhurst did not give a date when the resignation would be effective, just saying in the very near future.  He added in the letter that he would stay on to help find and train a replacement for him.

Rumors have been flying around the Orange area that Baptist Hospital would be closing. KOGT spoke with Mary Poole, Baptist system spokeswoman, who said, "At this time there is no decision to close Baptist Hospital Orange." She said the hospital has been "evaluating services like any business does."
Orange Community Players presents "The Dixie Swim Club." Five Southern women, whose friendships began many years ago on their college swim team, set aside a long weekend every August to recharge those relationships. Free from husbands, kids and jobs, they meet at the same beach cottage on North Carolina's Outer Banks to catch up, laugh and meddle in each other's lives. The Dixie Swim Club is the story of these five unforgettable women....a hilarious and touching comedy about friendships that last forever! Open February 12, 13, 14, and 19, 20, 21, at 7:37p.m. and a Sunday matinee on February 22 at 2:37. Comp. wine and special treats on Valentine's performances. Call for reservations: (409) 882-9137: Tickets are $15 adults and $10 for students. The Dixie Swim Club, by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten.

A Pinehurst police officer sustained minor injuries early this morning when he wrecked his patrol pickup truck in Beaumont during a chase that started on Strickland Drive when he tried to stop a 2012 Honda for a traffic violation. The officer is Leonard Roff. Police Chief Fred Hanauer said Roff missed a curve on Interstate 10 near the South Major Drive overpass. The pickup truck hit a road sign and a small grove of trees. He was taken by ambulance to a Beaumont hospital where he was treated and released. He had bruises minor cuts from broken glass. The Dodge Ram pickup is considered a total loss.
The chase started about 1:15 this morning when Officer Roff tried to stop the Honda for a traffic violation in the 1900 block of Strickland Drive. The Honda would not stop and led Roff south on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, then west on Tulane Road to Old Highway 90 and Interstate 10. The Honda turned north on FM 1136 and the west to Highway 12. A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper joined the pursuit as the Honda got to Vidor. From Highway 12 the chase went back to the interstate.
Chief Hanauer said Officer Roff had to leave the interstate near Ford Park outside of Beaumont because of a fatal accident being investigated by the Beaumont Police Department. The officer's accident happened when he failed to make a curve on the interstate access road near the South Major Drive overpass. Other police units chased the Honda into Harris County but could not stop the car. The suspect has not been caught at this time, but Hanauer said a tentative identification has been made. He said the Honda is registered to someone in Port Arthur. Police believe the car is the same one involved in a chase 45 minutes earlier in Port Arthur. That chase started after a report of an aggravated assault involving an assault rifle.

The Commissioners Court rescinded Monday a travel ban imposed a couple of years ago when the county was facing $3.1 million in debt.  Commissioner John Banken made the motion for removing the restriction.  Banken said he did not want to micromanage the department heads and moved for the removal of the ban stipulating that if it did get out of hand they may reconsider the ban, but for now he was in favor of the department heads handling travel within their offices without having to come before the court.  The removal of the travel ban meant no action was needed on a request by County Auditor Mary Johnson to allow her assistant to travel to Lubbock to attend training which was within her budget.  The Court tabled for a second week the request by Vidor businessman Gary Biehslich to waive penalties and interest for taxes on his property.  County Judge Brint Carlton and the court want a ruling from Assistant County Attorney Doug Manning on what the court can legally do about the request.  Manning missed the meeting Monday, but Carlton believes the Commissioners Court delaying any action until it hears from Manning will not cause any more penalty imposed on Biehslich while waiting on the court’s decision.  A request was made by the county’s Maintenance Department for commissioners to approve paying an invoice from Member’s Building Maintenance which is the commercial janitorial service which took over cleaning the courthouse in October 2014.  Covering the months of October, November, and December the unpaid invoice greatly upset Commissioner Banken about it not coming to them earlier.  Banken did not have a problem with Interim Maintenance Supervisor Kurt Guidry who was on medical leave when the contract with Member’s was first begun and did not have authorization to sign off on contracts until January when he replaced Mark Wimberley who retired as the head of maintenance at the end of December.  Banken said, “It is inexcusable to do business this way, I don’t like it one bit it’s almost like that internally they’re trying to sabotage this contract to make it not work after we made the contract and I don’t like that one bit.”  The court took no action and instructed Guidry to handle the paying of the invoice.  Guidry informed the court that Member’s Building Maintenance has brought in new management to run their crew at the Orange County Courthouse.     

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Orange police are investigating three assaults on students at Little Cypress Junior High on Friday. Two boys said they were attacked by other students outside the boy's gym between second and third periods. Orange police were called about 10:30 a.m. Officer T.P. Pruitt reported that a 13-year-old boy had a knot on his head, a red eye, swollen lip and four loose teeth. The officer said the boy was knocked to the ground and also kicked in the upper and middle back. A second boy, aged 14, had red marks, including across his left ribs, upper arm and wrist.
District spokeswoman Sherry Combs said six students were involved in the fight. Administrators called police and the parents of all the students. The students involved in the fight will be disciplined according to the student code. The punishment could range from in-school suspension to expulsion. Orange Police Detective Captain Cliff Hargrave said the mother of one of the injured boys wants to pursue criminal charges but the other parent did not. No charges have been filed at this time.
In a second assault reported at the same time, a 13-year-old girl was treated for a bleeding nose. She told Officer Pruitt that a 14-year-old boy swung his back pack and hit her in the face, causing the bleed. She also had a swollen lip. Combs said the administration is continuing to look into the incident and whether it was an accident or intentional.

Keep Orange County Beautiful is pleased to announce that nominations for its Beautification Awards is now open to the public AND nomination forms are available on-line at their website, Once each calendar quarter, a Beautification Award is presented to a single residence and a single business that have best exhibited the concept of Keeping Orange County Beautiful. Award recipients may come from anywhere within Orange County. The purpose of the award is to recognize individuals and organizations that closely exhibit KOCB’s vision and to encourage their neighbors to do the same. Each award recipient will receive a lawn sign to indicate the award and the date of the award. Award recipients may also receive gift certificates and other valuable considerations raised by the program partners. The lawn sign does not need to be returned to the Committee unless it or the location is not maintained. Keep Orange County Beautiful (KOCB) is a non-profit organization whose vision is to see Orange County become the cleanest and one of the most beautiful areas in Texas. KOCB has chosen to focus its efforts on two prime areas – Trees and Trash. KOCB’s mission is to educate, organize, and implement programs to achieve its vision. Further information can be found on the website ( or email to

St. Mary Catholic School Honor Roll – 2nd Nine Weeks

Mauriceville Middle School’s Writing teacher, Julie Pelt, received some very good news recently. She submitted seven of her students’ poems to the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americansâ and was notified that three of those will be published in the upcoming edition to be delivered in April 2015.  The students being published include (from left) Axl Rosen, Rylee LeVasseur and Joseph Fuselier.

State Representative Dade Phelan has filed to joint author House Bill 164 which would allow licensed open carry in the State of Texas. The legislation will amend the Code of Criminal Procedure to permit holders of concealed handguns licenses to have the option to carry a handgun openly. House Bill 164 also adds the 30.07 requirement that protects private property rights as well as CHL friendly businesses that may not prefer open carry in their business but do allow concealed carry. Forty-four states currently have laws allowing a person to carry a handgun openly. Texas, New York, Illinois, South Carolina, Florida, and California are the only six remaining states that have refrained from passing open carry legislation. “It is important that we protect the right to self defense for law abiding citizens in this state while expanding Texan’s Second Amendment rights”, said Phelan. “H.B. 164 accomplishes both while keeping the integrity of our current concealed handgun law.”

The Orange City Council and Economic Development Corporation are set to spend $75,000 more to move 15th Street for commercial development along the new Interstate 10 frontage road. The board of directors for the Economic Development Corporation will meet at 5 p.m. Tuesday with the City Council meeting to follow at 5:30 p.m. Both agendas include the $75,000 expenditure. The money will come from the Economic Development Corporation's special sales tax income. City Economic Development Director Jay Trahan, in a letter to the council, said that Mallett Commercial Development has an agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation to move the old 15th Street back to allow commercial buildings. Mallett owns the land and the city will pay the money for moving the street. Under the new Interstate 10 plans, the frontage road will be extended across 16th Street to Bob Hall Road. Currently, 15th Street runs parallell to and between 16th Street and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. 15th Street curves to meet 16th Street at the interstate overpass. The meetings will be at the Council Auditorium next to the Orange Public Library. The Economic Development Corporation board also has a closed-door executive session to discuss two real estate development proposals. The City Council agenda includes setting up the May 9 election for the single-member District 1 council seat and for mayor.

Property taxes are normally due on January 31st but because this year the last day to pay falls on the weekend, the law considers payments timely if paid in the office or postmarked on the next regular business day. The tax office will be accepting payments on Monday, February 2nd, without penalty and interest. Because the February 2 postmark is crucial to avoid penalty and interest, taxpayers need to be aware of the last pick-up time posted for the mail box or have a post office clerk personally stamp the mail. Payments can be made at the Orange Tax Office located at 123 S. 6th Street or the Vidor Tax Office at 155 Wilson. Drop boxes located outside the front entrances are available for “after hour” payments. Tax payers also have the option of paying online by going to and clicking on “Tax Records and Tax Payments Online”. The credit card service provider charges a fee of 2.5% of the total tax being paid or $1.50 if paid by an E-Check. Taxpayers who qualify under the homestead exemption of sixty-five or older, disabled, or disabled veteran or their surviving spouses, are eligible to set up a tax payment plan of four equal payments. Please call the office for additional information. For inquires, contact the tax office at (409) 882-7971 or (409) 769-0064

Several months ago, Orangefield Water Supply Corporation (OWSC) sponsored a field survey for interest in expanding their Water and Sewer service in the Victory Gardens Subdivision. The positive interest indicated at that time, encouraged OWSC to do an Engineering study of the cost to serve the Victory Gardens Subdivision with Water and Sewer service. The present OWSC rates, for a minimum 3000 gal of water and sewer service, is $64.00 a month.  An application for a Sign Up Drive “Indication of Interest” agreement, which includes an application fee of $100.00, will be passed out to all residences if possible.   Applications are available at OWSC office, 9913 FM 105 and the Gulf Credit Union on Hwy 87 or call 409-988-4166.  more

On Jan. 25 at 9:39 a.m., Pinehurst Officer K. Norton observed a mobile home being moved from the trailer park in the 3800 block of Pheasant Drive in Pinehurst. The trailer company listed a Lumberton address. A traffic stop was conducted in the 2500 block of MLK Jr. Drive after he observed a Hispanic male passenger not wearing a safety belt. The driver of the vehicle, Jonathan Lee Stanley, a 32 year old white male, was found to have an outstanding warrant for theft issued by Orange County Court at Law. While waiting for warrant confirmation, the three Hispanic male passengers suddenly ran from the vehicle and into the wooded area near the West Orange Elementary School. Due to having the Stanley subject detained for the warrant, Officer Norton did not pursue the subjects. The Orange Police Department arrived to assist Officer Norton. The three Hispanic males were not located. Stanley was transported to the Orange County Jail without further incident.

The West Orange-Cove school board will begin reviewing applications for superintendent on Monday. The meeting will start at 6 p.m. at the Education Service Center, 902 W. Park. The board will go into a closed-door executive session to discuss the applicants. The deadline for applying for the job was January 16. The board's timeline includes naming a lone finalist for the job in early March with the new superintendent to begin at the first of April. Monday's agenda includes a discussion, and possible action, for the contract of interim superintendent Dr. Silvia Martinez. The discussion is allowed in a closed-door session but any action must be made in public.

John and Glynis Gothia of Krewe du Bayou were crowned King and Queen of the 2015 Orange Mardi Gras Grande Ball held Saturday at the Orange County Expo Center.  Pageant photos are in the KOGT Photo Gallery. 

Orangefield High School Third Six-Weeks Honor Roll 2014-2015

Nederland Invitational Results for Orangefield on Saturday, January 24th. Calculator, 5th Place, Victor Vuong; Current Issues, 3rd Place, Emily McCall; News Writing, 3rd Place, Allie Crouch; Editorial Writing, 1st Place, Kayla Boyett; Social Studies, 2nd Place, Kaylea Daigle; Spelling and Vocabulary, 2nd Place, Anna VanPelt; Accounting, 1st, Victor Vuong, 3rd, Kayla Boyett.

The LCM High School Journalism team competed at the Nederland practice meet on Saturday, January 24, and brought home several medals. Junior Jeffrey Holland placed fifth in News Writing, Sophomore Valen Elliott placed fifth in Feature Writing and senior Wendy Cates placed sixth in Editorial Writing. The team is coached by Lindsey Fruge and will next compete at PNG on February 14. Attached Photo - Left to right, Valen Elliott, Jeffrey Holland, and Wendy Cates.

WO-S High School students have competed and placed at two different UIL Academic Practice Meets held during the month of January. This past weekend, WO-S students participated in the Nederland UIL Practice Meet. Brittany Barclay (left) competed and placed in all four journalism events. She placed second in News Writing and Editorial Writing, fourth in Feature Writing and sixth in Headline Writing. Tyffani Hinson (right) also competed at the Nederland Meet and placed fourth in Poetry. Earlier this month, WO-S students competed in the Hamshire-Fannett UIL Practice Meet. Brittany Barclay placed in all four journalism events. She placed second in News Writing and Editorial Writing; and she also placed fifth in Feature Writing and Headline Writing. Kaylyn Roberts placed fourth in News Writing. The Journalism team, comprised of Barclay, Roberts, Demaric Judge, Breanna Istre, and Destiny Burkett placed second overall in the Large School Division. WO-S Journalism students are sponsored by Meri Elen Jacobs. Ebonique Celestine is the WO-S Prose and Poetry sponsor.

The LCM UIL Prose/Poetry team dominated the competition again, this time at the Nederland Meet, on Saturday, January 24. All readers advanced from Prelims to Semi-Finals, and then again from Semi-Finals to the Finals round, the only school to do so. Placing in Poetry Finals were Rebecca Sanford, 1st place, and Mariah Blair, 2nd place. In Prose Finals Triston Stringer took 1st, Connor Alexander was 2nd and Tyler Regan was 4th. The students are coached by LCM Theatre Director Cory Broom and will compete again at the PNG Meet on February 14.

Bridge City High School competed at the Nederland UIL Academic Tournament on Saturday, January 23, 2015. The following are the results from this contest in the large school division: In Number Sense, Kendall Gibson took 4th place. In Calculator Applications, Kendall Gibson placed 2nd, Zach Dionne placed 3rd, and Kevin Fontenot placed 4th. The Calculator Applications team of Kendall Gibson, Zach Dionne, Kevin Fontenot, and Moyleang Taing took 1st place team. In Computer Applications, Amanda Chavez placed 4th and Faith Stephson placed 5th. The sponsor for Computer Applications is Stacia Ener. In Spelling, Diana Pham took 1st place. The Spelling team of Diana Pham, Amanda Chavez, Faith Stephson, Sarah Kidder, and Edward Doan took 1st place team. The sponsor for Spelling is Kathie Dorman. In Ready Writing, Brittney Lauritzen took 2nd place. In Literary Criticism, Jessica McKinney placed 1st and Tabitha Blakeney placed 5th. The Literary Criticism team of Jessica McKinney, Tabitha Blakeney, Alma Montoya, and Stephanie Romero took 1st place team. The sponsor for these events is Diane Grooters. In LD Debate, Emily Lawrence placed 1st, Alex Hargrave placed 4th, and Ruby Sanders placed 6th. The sponsor for LD Debate is Michael Blakeney.

The Orangefield High School Art Department's students were judged last weekend by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo judging committee. The students scored exceptionally well in the contest, which has over 200 school districts in participation. Best of Show was senior, Victor Vuong, for his painting, "Always There." Thanh Tsan, senior, was a Gold Medal winner for her Prismacolor drawing entitled, "Dreek's First Hunt." Bettye Crochet, sophomore, was also a Gold Medal winner for her mixed media work titled, "Out to Pasture." In addition, Bre Norton, Sarah Perry, Alyssa Kelley, and Morghan Isaacs were named as Finalists. Numerous blue and red ribbons were awarded, as well as several white ribbons. Twenty-two seniors received scholarship applications in the competition. The top three winners moved on to Houston where they will be on display throughout the course of the rodeo. The remainder of the winners are on display in the halls of Orangefield High School. Ms. Sherry Windham is the art teacher in charge of the contest for the school district.

 The Orange Rotary Club made a donation of $500 to the West Orange-Cove CISD Education Foundation in honor of the football team making it to the State Championship. The donation was made during the weekly Rotary Club meeting. All of the football team, coaches, and cheerleaders were invited to attend.

Filing begins Wednesday to run for city councils and some of the school boards in Orange County. Incumbent council members in Bridge City and Orange have reached term limits in their cities and will not be able to run for re-election this year. In Orange, the single-member district No. 1 spot will be vacant because Theresa Adams Beauchamp has served her limit on terms. Orange is the only city in the county with single-member districts. To run for the position, a person must live within the district, which is generally the west side of Orange. Only people who live in the district may vote for the council member. The mayor's seat, currently held by Jimmy Sims, is also up for election this year. Every resident in the city may vote for the mayor. Bridge City council members Kevin Mott in Place 1 and Robert Simonton Jr. in Place 3 have served their term limits and will not be able to run. The other position open this year is for Place 5 now held by Richard Savoy. iling will end on Friday, February 27 and the election will be Saturday, May 9. Filing is conducted during regular business hours of the entity through the city secretary's office or the office of the school superintendent. Early voting will run April 27 through May 5.

Other positions open this year: Pinehurst City Council: At-large positions now held by Dan Barclay, Dan Mohon and Matt Chandler. Pinehurst does not have term limits.
West Orange City Council: Mayor Roy McDonald and at-large seats held by Mike Trahan and Charles "Chuck" Winter. West Orange does not have term limits.
West Orange-Cove CISD: At-large positions three-year terms are now held by Pete Amy and Eric Mitchell. Nathaniel Colbert was appointed by the school board in July to serve the unexpired term of Mary Kirksey. That unexpired term will also be up for election.
Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD: Position 2 held by David Jones, Position 4 held by Tammy Rountree and Position 5 held b Don Anderson.
Bridge City ISD: Place 1 held by Lon Hubbard and Place 2 held by Kirk Ellender.
Orangefield and Deweyville school districts have board of trustee elections in November.

It is election time again in the City of Vidor. This year, voters will cast their ballots for the positions of Mayor and Councilmembers of Wards One, Four, and Six. Anyone interested in running for any of these positions can beginning applying on January 28th. The last day to apply is February 27th by 5 pm. Election Day is May 9, 2015.
According to the Vidor City Charter, “Each member of the City Council (including the Mayor) shall be a resident of the City of Vidor, shall be a qualified voter of the State of Texas, shall have been such a resident of the City of Vidor for a period of not less than one (1) year immediately preceding his/her election and shall not be indebted to the City of Vidor.” Furthermore, a Councilmember must live in the ward he or she represents.
Interested and eligible candidates may pick up an election packet at City Hall from City Secretary Vicki Watson. For additional information or questions, one can contact Ms. Watson or City Manager Mike Kunst at 409-769-5473. Her extension is 141, and his is 140.
A boundary map of the wards may be found on the City of Vidor website at Click on “Ward Boundary Map” or stop by City Hall to view the map.

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Marriage Licenses Issued By The Office of Brandy Robertson, Orange County Clerk For the Week of January 19, 2015 through January 23, 2015. Jesse L. Gardner and Measie M. Thibodeaux, Jeffrey R. Grant and Sarah E. Miller, Joseph P. Mason and Marilyn J. Morvent, Michael R. Ferrell and Bryanna E. McFarland, Joseph M. Powell and Fanci L. Thompson, Van J. Smith and Debra K. Wilburn, Carl D. Graham and Bonnie M. Meehan.

Casey is a long haired dachshund that went missing in West Orange near Western & Westbury. Please help get her home!!! (409) 330-3499 or (409) 330-0331.

This weekend, 24 Little Cypress Junior High Choir members attended the Texas Music Educators Association annual Solo and Ensemble contest at Vidor Junior High School. Students prepare and memorize a solo to sing for a single judge who gives them a written comment sheet and a rating. Superior ratings (1st division) also receive a medal that is color coded according to the difficulty of the piece. LCJH had 21 students earn Superior, 1st division ratings and three students received Excellent ratings. For four of the 21, this is the second year to achieve a Superior. Those receiving Superiors include Rachel Belcher, Aidan Croaker, McKenzie Guillory, Haley Votava, Brianna Frenzel, Molly Gericke, Ashten Higginbotham, Reyanna Muse, Maggie Pigg, Julian Purgahn, and Grace Walters – all eighth graders. Superior ratings were also awarded to seventh graders Melanie Cupp, Gianna Gardner, Patti Ibarra, Declan Kendall, Lauren LaCour, AuBree LeJeune, Kayla Lingo, Sydney Peet, Hunter Perkins, and Shelby Smith. The three students who received Excellent ratings for their performance are seventh graders McKenzi Hillin and Zachary Sims and eighth grader Connor Reno. Stephanie Teague is choral director and Michelle Belcher is the accompanist.

A Houston man has been charged with capital murder in connection with the January 6 shooting death of a 27-year-old man from Mauriceville who was living in Beaumont. Beaumont police reported that 27-year-old Derrick Allen Phillips was killed in his house in the 1300 block of Central Drive. His roommate called 911 when he woke up from a nap at 4:42 p.m. and found Phillips unresponsive and bleeding. An autopsy showed Phillips, originally from Mauriceville, had been shot in the head. On Tuesday, U.S. Marshals arrested 33-year-old Adam Emanuel Fuller in a Kemah hotel on a theft warrant from Jefferson County along with a parole violation. He was brought back to Jefferson County Jail. Bond on the capital murder charge has been set at $1 million. The bond on the felony theft charge is $150,000. No bond is allowed on a parole violation.

Orange's Art in the Park will return to Stark Park this year because of the Bassmaster Elite tournament. City of Orange Economic Director Jay Trahan said an agreement with the Stark Foundation has been signed for the event to be at the park on Green Avenue. The foundation will tie in activities at the Stark Museum of Art and the Stark House on Saturday March 21 during the festival. The Stark Cultural Venues is presenting the Bassmaster Elite Sabine River Challenge in Orange from March 19 through March 22. The City of Orange Convention and Visitors Bureau sponsors the annual Art in the Park festival. The festival was moved to the city's new Riverfront Pavilion in 2014. Citizens circulated petitions to move the event back to Stark Park. Trahan said the festival will go back to the Riverfront Pavilion next year. Art in the Park will also have live entertainment. Bassmaster events will be held at the city's Boat Ramp off Simmons Drive. The Bassmaster Elite Sabine River Challenge was held in 2013 with a carnival and performance stage at the Boat Ramp. The Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce reports that big-name country stars will perform on the grounds at the Boat Ramp. Dustin Lynch will play Thursday night and Tracy Byrd will perform on Saturday night. The Lutcher Theater in downtown will have a laser show on Friday night.

Orange Fire Chief David Frenzel said the two employees at the city's animal shelter have been disciplined for not following the city's policy regarding keeping stray animals for at least 72 hours. On December 23, the city picked up a mother dog and 11 puppies after a property owner had complained about them being under a building, he said. The employees at the animal shelter made a joint decision to euthanize the mother and litter about two hours after they were picked up. The owners came looking for the dogs about four hours after they were picked up. Frenzel, who supervises the animal shelter, said he has been over the animal shelter for 20 years and this is the first time something like this has happened. He said the two animal shelter workers are compassionate for animals and they made a joint decision for the mother and pups. The two employees still have their jobs but were disciplined with a record of the incident in their personnel records.

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